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Founder-Led Sales Case Study: From $30k to $70k+ MRR for

Updated: Feb 10


  • Currents is a parallel CI testing tool for Cypress and Playwright

  • They struggled with closing larger deals and lacked confidence in their selling skills

  • We installed The FOUNDER Operating System and created a Minimum Viable Sales Process through 1:1 coaching

  • Andrew grew founder-led sales from $30k MRR to $70k+ MRR in 8 months

founder-led sales case study

About Currents

In the world of software development, speed and efficiency aren't just nice-to-haves; they're the lifeblood of success. Enter, a tech company revolutionizing how developers handle parallel CI tests for Cypress and Playwright. Founded by Andrew Goldis, a developer with a keen eye for solving real-world testing problems, Currents isn't just another tool in the toolbox. It's the game-changer in a landscape cluttered with mediocre solutions.

Their platform is a standout in the CI testing arena, offering a cloud-based dashboard that not only streamlines the testing process but also gives developers the insights they need to make smarter, faster decisions. From debugging test failures to analyzing test performance, Currents is all about empowering developers to do more, in less time.

But it wasn't just their tech that was innovative. Andrew and his team had a vision for growth, but like many technically brilliant founders, they were stuck in a common rut. The challenge wasn't their product; it was how to sell it effectively.

This is where the story gets interesting.

The Problem

At Currents the technical prowess was there, but the sales process? Not so much. Imagine a world-class runner trying to sprint in flip-flops. That was Currents when it came to sales.

Despite having a groundbreaking product, they were hitting a wall. Sales felt more like a necessary evil rather than a powerful engine driving their business forward.

The team, led by tech-savvy Andrew, knew their product could change the game for developers worldwide. Yet, they struggled to convey this value to potential clients. It was like having a Ferrari in the garage without the keys. They were stuck in a cycle of uncertainty, second-guessing their approach, and watching potential growth slip through their fingers.

The fear wasn't just about stagnant numbers; it was about not reaching their full potential. The dread of remaining a 'best-kept secret' in a competitive market was real. Currents needed a shift, a way to translate their technical excellence into sales success.

We were struggling to establish our sales process: we didn’t have any metrics, the whole process was driven by intuition, unstructured on all levels. I was overwhelmed by the information that is online and I didn’t know what is right and what is wrong. Having an experienced coach helped me to fine-tune the best-known methods to the specifics of my company. -Andrew Goldis, Founder,

The solution? Well, that's where things started to turn around.

The Solution

That's where SalesMVP stepped in. We recognized that Currents' brilliance in tech didn't automatically translate to sales acumen. Our approach? Not the usual sales fluff. We brought in the FOUNDER methodology, tailor-made for tech minds like Andrew's team. It's about speaking their language, understanding the nuances of B2B SaaS, and, most importantly, transforming their sales from a weak link to a powerhouse.

We dived deep into Currents unique value proposition, revamping how they communicated their groundbreaking solution to their audience. Our coaching wasn't just about strategies; it was about mindset. We equipped them with the tools to not only understand their clients' needs but to anticipate them, turning sales conversations from awkward dances into strategic chess moves.

I considered [sales] non-fair, manipulative, and... cheesy. But after working with you I realized that it's not cheesy and it's actually useful for the customer as well. I considered [sales] non-fair, manipulative, and... cheesy. But after working with you I realized that it's not cheesy and it's actually useful for the customer as well. -Andrew Goldis, Founder,

The result? A sales process as efficient and powerful as their product, finally unlocking that Ferrari's potential.

P.S. If you want a taste of what the FOUNDER methodology can do for you, you can buy the ebook here.

The Outcomes

The transformation at Currents was nothing short of remarkable. Within just eight months of implementing the SalesMVP system, they saw their Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) skyrocket from $30k to over $75k. That's not just growth; that's a revolution.

But it wasn't only about the numbers. The team's confidence in handling sales conversations soared. They moved from dreading sales calls to driving them, equipped with a deeper understanding of their clients' needs and how to articulate the value of their solution. Sales became an integral part of their success story, not a stumbling block.

Moreover, the mindset shift was palpable. The fear of selling? Replaced by a strategic, confident approach. The days of googling random sales advice were over. Currents now had a clear, effective sales process, turning potential leads into loyal customers.

The impact of SalesMVP's intervention wasn't just a one-off boost; it was a fundamental shift in how Currents approached and conquered the market.

We were able to close a few good deals... I can totally say that your activity influenced them and affected them a lot. I would definitely recommend SalesMVP Lab to any technical founder that doesn’t know how to do sales. Daniel made me realize that sales done well is not only helpful to the business but also to customers. -Andrew Goldis, Founder,

Got Founder-Led Sales Problems? Let's Fix That. Now.

Hey, saw what we did for Currents? That could be you. Your sales process might be a mess, you might be losing sleep over it. It's okay, we get it. It's tough out there, especially for B2B SaaS under $30k MRR. You're not alone.

Here's the deal – we don't do fancy jargon or empty promises. We do real work. Real results. You're probably tired of second-guessing your sales moves, or worse, losing deals you should've won. That's where we step in.

Our approach? It's different. It's the FOUNDER method. No BS. Just straight-up, hands-on coaching to build your sales from scratch. And yeah, we understand tech folks like you. We speak your language.

Don't let your competitors get ahead because you hesitated. You know you need this. Let’s not waste more time or money.

Hit us up. Let's get your sales on track. You won't regret it.

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