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Case Study: 37% Increase in MRR for

Updated: Feb 10


  • Savio's a customer feedback management tool

  • They struggled with direct sales and were getting more up-market inbound leads

  • We installed The FOUNDER Operating System and created a Minimum Viable Sales Process

  • Increased MRR by 37% in 4 months through 1:1 sales coaching

  • Able to use sales discovery for product improvements sales process coaching increased MRR by 37% with SalesMVP Lab - Daniel Hebert

About Savio

  • - a B2B SaaS platform.

  • Niche: feedback management.

  • Target users: product teams in tech companies.

  • Core offer: collect customer feedback and prioritize feature requests linked to revenue metrics in your CRM.

The Real Talk:

Here’s the kicker - Savio’s not just another SaaS tool. Think of it as the missing link in your product dev cycle. It’s not about hoarding data; it’s about making sense of what your users are yelling (or whispering) at you.

Market Positioning:

Competitive space? Absolutely. But Savio carves out its territory. How? By being freakishly user-centric. That's their game. They’re not trying to be the jack-of-all-trades but the master of one: turning feedback into your next big product move.

The Unspoken Edge:

Sure, Savio's tech is top-notch. But what really sets them apart? Their understanding of the pain points of tech teams. They get it because they’ve been there - in the trenches, sifting through feedback, trying to decode what users want.

User Experience Focus:

Savio's not about flashy features; it's about functionality that hits home. It’s streamlined, intuitive, and, let’s be honest, a breath of fresh air in the cluttered world of feedback tools.

The Problem

Savio's hitting walls. Sales? Stagnant. Growth? Crawling. The big issue? Their sales process was like a puzzle with missing pieces. They've got a solid product, but getting it in front of the right eyes? A struggle.

The Sales Struggle:

Here's the thing: Savio's team is tech-savvy, not sales gurus. Selling? It's like speaking a foreign language to them. They're trying to wing it, but let's face it, winging it doesn't cut it in sales.

The Fear Factor:

Fear of selling? Real as it gets. The team's confidence? Shaky at best. They’re in deep waters, trying to do a job they don't really understand. And every missed sale? It’s a hit to the gut.

The Googling Maze:

Their solution so far? Good ol' Google. Articles, tips, tricks - they've scoured them all. But that's the problem. Too much info, too little clarity. What's right? What's wrong? They’re lost in a sea of advice with no compass.

Missed Opportunities & FOMO:

Every failed pitch, every lost deal - it’s not just a lost sale. It’s a missed opportunity to grow, to hit that breakthrough revenue mark. And that’s eating at them. The fear of missing out? It's real and it’s right there, in every sales meeting they fumble.

We were exploring a sales-led or sales-assisted model and didn't really have a lot of experience with what a good end-to-end system looked like to do that. With SalesMVP, there were lots of playbooks, on-demand email support for questions about how to handle specific scenarios, and roleplays. We've seen tangible results in terms of revenue growth, but we also are changing our sales model based on things we've learned. -Kareem Mayan, Co-Founder,

The Solution

Enter SalesMVP. Not your run-of-the-mill sales consultancy. They get it - tech minds don't always think in sales jargon. So, they brought a fresh playbook, tailored for the tech-brained.

The Custom Approach:

No cookie-cutter strategies here. SalesMVP dissected Savio's unique situation. They understood the tech, the product, the market. And then? They crafted a sales process that wasn't just effective - it felt natural to the team.

Building Confidence:

This wasn't just about tactics. SalesMVP focused on mindset. They demystified sales, turning it from a fear-inducing chore into an achievable game plan. Confidence started to replace fear.

The FOUNDER Methodology:

Here’s the game-changer - SalesMVP introduced the FOUNDER methodology. It's a bespoke approach, aligning sales strategy with the very essence of a tech founder's mindset. It’s about understanding, not just executing.

P.S. If you want a taste of what the FOUNDER methodology can do for you, you can buy the ebook here.

Savio's Sales Transformation:

Step by step, SalesMVP reshaped Savio's sales approach. From identifying the right prospects to crafting compelling pitches - everything was redesigned with a tech-founder's touch.

I felt like you took a lot of time to understand the business and grokked it quite quickly. We have a demo script that is much better than where we started because we didn't have one when we started. We have a pipeline stages that make sense. We have a doc that sort of outlines the sales process soup to nuts. -Kareem Mayan, Co-Founder,

The Outcomes

Post Sales MVP’s intervention, it’s not just talk; the numbers speak. Savio's sales trajectory? Skyrocketing. They're closing deals faster, hitting targets they didn't think were possible a few months back.

Mindset Shift:

The real win? It’s in the mindset. Sales is no longer the boogeyman for the Savio team. There’s a newfound confidence, a sense of control in their sales conversations. They’re not just participating; they’re driving the sales narrative.

Reduced Sales Cycle:

What used to be a dragged-out ordeal, now, it's a streamlined process. Savio's sales cycle? Slashed. Efficiency is up, and so is the success rate. They're getting to 'yes' without the detours.

Client Engagement & Feedback:

Here’s an unexpected perk - their engagement with clients is on another level. They’re not just selling; they’re connecting, understanding needs better. And this? It’s feeding right back into their product, making it even stronger.

Long-term Growth Trajectory:

This isn’t a one-off spike. It’s a sustainable growth curve. Savio's now equipped with the skills, strategies, and mindset to keep scaling, to keep breaking those revenue ceilings.

Our main challenge was closing more business. We had some inklings that we might need to move to a sales-assisted or sales-led model. Both being technical founders had very little experience with that. This engagement has changed the trajectory of our company in a positive way. We closed an amazing, huge logo and we grew revenue by 37% in four months. -Kareem Mayan, Co-Founder,

Got Sales Problems? Let's Fix That. Now.

Hey, saw what we did for That could be you. Your sales process might be a mess, you might be losing sleep over it. It's okay, we get it. It's tough out there, especially for B2B SaaS under $10k MRR. You're not alone.

Here's the deal – we don't do fancy jargon or empty promises. We do real work. Real results. You're probably tired of second-guessing your sales moves, or worse, losing deals you should've won. That's where we step in.

Our approach? It's different. It's the FOUNDER method. No BS. Just straight-up, hands-on coaching to build your sales from scratch. And yeah, we understand tech folks like you. We speak your language.

Don't let your competitors get ahead because you hesitated. You know you need this. Let’s not waste more time or money.

Hit us up. Let's get your sales on track. You won't regret it.

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